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google course

One of the major skills of the 21st century is selling your profile on the various online and offline platforms.

Like me, most of you grew up being told that meekness is a desirable characteristic and it is an abomination to blow your own trumpet. Unfortunately, social media platforms have given rise to self-promotion and it is vital that you master this art if you are to stand-out  and compete with the very best.

There is a lot of noise and we all have to compete for eyeballs and attention from an audience that is already being over-fed with information.

Google through its flagship Digital Skills Africa has come up with an exciting and free course called, Build confidence with self-promotion“.

The aim of the course is to help you discover how speaking about your achievements can boost your confidence and powers of persuasion.

Learning to speak openly about your achievements will help others understand your strengths and skills. In these course videos, you will discuss self-promotion and why it can be so difficult, and also share practical tips on boosting your confidence and self-worth to enable you to progress further in your career.


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