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MathsGee is a crowdfunding platform based in South Africa that aims to assist users in creating online campaigns to raise funds for educational causes. Users can create campaigns for anything related to education that has a positive impact on individuals, communities, and the environment. These campaigns can be for registered non-profit organizations or for individuals who need donations for various educational purposes, such as tuition fees, stationery, or school trips. MathsGee encourages campaigns started by friends/champions which raise funds on behalf of a charity or an individual in need.

To start a fundraiser, users can quickly and easily create a campaign on the MathsGee website and share their campaign link with their crowd, such as friends, family, and colleagues, to invite monetary donations. Creating a campaign is free, and there are no charges if the user does not raise funds. There are no time limits imposed on campaigns, and no penalties if the user does not reach their target. Donations can continue to be received even after the target is met. The campaign can continue for as long as the user likes, and there is no requirement to reach a certain amount to receive donations, which are paid on or after the campaign's end date. MathsGee retains a 10% + VAT administrative fee of all funds raised via the platform.

MathsGee takes integrity seriously and verifies fundraising campaigns before they are published to protect site users and donors. When creating a new fundraiser, users should have a copy of their identity document and any supporting evidence that helps donors understand their case better. Adding photos within the post helps with visibility. Once the fundraiser is verified and considered authentic by MathsGee, it can be published, and the user can start sharing with friends and colleagues. MathsGee even offers to transfer funds raised for individual causes directly to the relevant organization, medical professional, or educational institution to build trust with donors. This extra effort sets MathsGee apart from other crowdfunding platforms.

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