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How you can contribute to #Yes4Youth


South African President, Cyril Ramaphosa launched the Youth Employment Service (YES) earlier this year and a lot of people have been clamouring to find out how they can answer the call to contribute to nation building.

YES is working hard to create new work opportunities in new places for more young people

Based on our #Yes4Youth research we have outlined the different ways in which organizations can take part in eradicating povery through provision of employment opportunities to those at the bottom of the pyramid.

The President has openly admitted that government cannot do it alone and needs the support of business, the job creators, to achieve success.

The youth also have to answer the #ThumaMina call by the President and show up so they can be placed in various companies or given skills for them to be employable.

The youth have to accept the following terms and conditions:

I am a black South African Youth (aged between 18 and 34) and I acknowledge the following:

  • I am committed to the YES values of integrity, commitment, community, preparedness and hard work
  • I understand that YES will only be able to make placements once the law applicable to YES is finalised,
  • I therefore understand that this is not a job application
  • I am registering my interest in the program and will wait to be informed of next steps
  • I understand that the potential work opportunity will likely have an entry level income
  • I understand the importance of preparing myself for job interviews and the working world and will make use of the work readiness material provided by YES and others.
  • I understand that it is ultimately my responsibility to secure my work opportunity and that there will be many youth competing for the same positions
Organizations can contribute by:
  • Placing youth inside their company on their payroll.
  • Placing youth in black owned SMME’s close to where the youth live.
  • Developing youth owned micro-enterprise’s that feed into their supply chain.
  • Placing youth into an external service provider for training and work experience.
Organizations can also contribute by establishing YES hubs across the country.
MathsGee is partnering with companies as an external service provider for training and work experience. You can contact us for more details.


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