“The 4th Industrial Revolution i(4IR) s upon us and we are not ready for it”, this statement has become a cliche.

The worrying thing is that not enough is being done quickly enough to avert the imminent crisis that will emanate from increased automation and use of artificail intelligence.

Policy makers should not focus on 4IR as if it’s some phenomenon in the future instead they should be treating it like a present crisis. Greater emphasis has to be placed on retraining the current workforce to be futureproof whilst ensuring that the younger generation is equipped with the necessary skills to thrive in a highly volatile world.

Johannesburg-based startup, Aero247 has taken it upon themselves to be the leaders in preparing learners for the current and future of work. Aero247 is training learners as young as Grade 3 for jobs that did not exist 5 years and those jobs that do not yet exist.

In its bid to ensure that as many learners as possible are exposed to their amazing programme, Aero247 has set up an intensive programme billed to take place in Bryanston, Johannesburg.

“Drones have become more than just toys. Drones are tools that are being used in medicine, research, agriculture, investigations, consumer use, and in so many other ways. Drone technology is revolutionizing everyday life and projected to be a multibillion-dollar industry over the next ten years”, said Blessing Ngorima CEO of Aero247.

Participants in the Drone Technology Summer Camp4Kids will learn problem solving skills using the engineering design process by custom designing their own drone in groups on CAD, 3D printing their creation, build and test the drone by flying it.


  1. Drone History and Uses (surveying, commerce, search and rescue, etc.)
  2. Principles of Flight
  3. Drone safety and the social responsibilities of flying drones
  4. Safe and Ethical Use of Drones
  5. Drone Flight Manoeuvres (hands-on)
  6. Drone coding
  7. Drone building
  8. Robotics and programming
  9. Drone flying

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Aero 247 offers professional training in drone engineering, manufacturing, design, modelling, analysis, coding and repair.