The objectives of the 3-credit courses in psychology are designed to develop within the student the skills and understandings that make it possible for more effective living in our complex environment. The student's attention will focus on the scientific approach to understanding human behaviour so that he or she may appreciate more fully the reasons that underlie one's own acts and those of one's fellows.


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This course 3-credit course is designed to be an introduction to the field of study called Psychology. The different sections in this course will reflect the diverse study of psychology — from the science of the brain to the more philosophical theories of how we develop our own unique personalities. You will also learn about the different branches of psychology ranging from child psychology to neuroscience. When you have completed this course you will have a basic understanding of what psychology is and you will have gained some insight into your own behaviour and personality.

Prerequisite: none

In this course we study three films: Spider, A Beautiful Mind, and Fight Club. The main focus of the course will be the ways in which psychosis is represented in the films in terms of macro, plot, narrative structure and micro etc. We consider the wider cultural meaning and implication of films dealing with psychology.

Ages 16+

A Detailed introduction to the fundamental principles of psychology and to the major subjects of psychological inquiry. college credit, ace, excelsior, uexcel