Saylor Academy's "Unit 2 Time Estimate Activity"

This activity has two parts. For the first part, you will need your record of how much time you spent on the resources and activities assigned within Unit 2. If you did not keep such a record, go back now and estimate the time commitment you made to Unit 2.

Part 1

Look at your time log for Unit 2. How much time did you spend on each of the four subunits in this unit? The paragraph that introduces Unit 2 projects that students can complete this unit in 5 hours. Did you do it in less time or more? Why is that?

Please write a one-paragraph reflection on why it took more or less than 5 hours. Did you have prior experience or prior knowledge about time management? Were there particular or unusual distractions you faced during the time you were studying the materials in Unit 2 that caused you to spend more than 5 hours in this unit?

Part 2

Find your Pomodoro technique time. Write about what your productivity using this technique. Examine your priorities and the stressors associated with those priorities. Write down what you prioritized and why. Use the discussion forum to share your Pomodoro time and get feedback.

While this activity does not have a specific grading rubric, we do encourage you to post your response on Saylor’s discussion forums, along with a note asking for feedback from the community. Make sure to include the activity prompt/instructions, as well as you own personal notes for what you would like others to focus their attention on when peer reviewing, so that you can get the most helpful feedback possible.

While there, you should reply to your classmates' posts as well, especially on those topics that you feel you have already mastered.

Note: You will need to create an account at to take part in the forum. Signing up is free and only takes a moment.

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