MathsGee STEM Community, a platform dedicated to supporting STEM learners in their time of need has successfully developed plug and play integrations with all the major learning Management systems that are LTI-compliant.

It is no secret that COVID-19 has resulted in an exponential increase in the number of EdTech solutions that are geared to solving the digital transformation of schools and universities. Given this background, it is paramount that schools choose solutions that adhere to agreed upon standards, which allows interoperability among various solutions.

The most important standard that any education technology platform has to adhere to is the IMS LTI standard. The IMS LTI standard aims to deliver a single framework for integrating any LMS product with any learning application.

The objectives of the LTI standard are:

  • To provide a simple mash-up style deployment model consisting of a URL, key, and secret which the LMS administrator or the course instructor can enter into the LMS.
  • To define a protocol for launching an external application from an LMS in a way that supports single-sign-on and which preserves the learning context and user roles within that context.
  • To make links to external applications portable by defining data elements that can be embedded in IMS Common Cartridges.

MathsGee has always strived to be at the cutting edge of education technology, thus it was a no-brainer for us to ensure that our systems achieved the highest standards. We are proud to announce that the MathsGee STEM Community is LTI-Compliant and can seamlessly integrate with all major learning management systems. It has been designated as an LTI Provider.

The MathsGee STEM Community integration for LTI Compliant platforms allows users to seamlessly login and participate in the free community from within LTI Compliant platform courses. MathsGee can accept incoming LTI launch requests from a tool consumer, which is the IMS term for any platform that can make a LTI request to an external tool (such as MathsGee Q&A). Such platforms include Desire2Learn, EDx, Moodle, BlackBoard, Pearson Learning Studio, etc. See IMS Interoperability Conformance Certification Status for a full list of LTI compliant platforms.

It is easy to integrate with MathsGee. A school being the Tool Consumer only needs to have a Consumer Key and Secret to be able to connect.

For your learners to enjoy the benefits of communal learners, simply request credentials by filling in this FORM