MathsGee Adds More Features For A Seamless Experience

mathsgee functionality

The MathsGee STEM and Financial Literacy Community platform is committed to help you learn about maths, science, engineering, technology and financial literacy using the Socratic method.

The Socratic method involves questioning things until there is consensus and understand thus we have created the Q&A platform for you to unleash your STEM and finance genius.

At MathsGee, we want you to have a seamless and unforgettable experience whilst using our tools thus we are always working hard to add features and functionality that helps you navigate easily. Below is a high-level overview of some the features we have added:

  • Mobile ready: Fully responsive design.
  • Bounty System: Users can trade points for best answers.
  • Categories: Unlimited nested categories support
  • Activities: Displays about user activities/alerts.
  • Tags system: Users can easily add tags with Ajax enabled buttons to edit or delete tags.
  • Answer Replies: Now users can reply to the answers given by users. It helps in clarifying answers.
  • WYSIWYG Editor support: You can use our CKEditor4 editor.
  • Social Features:
    Avatars Support
    Activity Stream
    Badges System
    Points System
  • Advanced Search: Users can find questions with plenty of options what they are looking for.
  • Multiple lists: Browse latest, most viewed, most answered, solved or unsolved questions.
  • Question Suggestions: Users presented with similar questions and questions in currently viewed question category. Users also presented with matched questions when they try to ask a question and let them avoid duplicates.
  • Report Questions/Answers: Users can report any question and answers if found spam etc.
  • Emails Subscriptions: Users can subscribe to new answers/questions notifications. Now the emails are beautifully formatted with a neat template built on HTML and CSS and compatible with most Email clients.
  • RSS Feeds: RSS feed support for individual categories and all categories.
  • Complete control: Users can edit, delete, unpublish their question or answer and most of features are fully ajaxed.
  • Like/Dislikes: Simple and powerful voting/rating system for making answers complete.
  • Permission System: Admins have full control to allow users for certain functionality.
  • reCaptcha support for guest questions and answers, if you allow guest users to ask or answer.
  • Google Structured Data Search engine friendly structured data allow your questions and answers list on Google rich media