It is important for MathsGee to continually support our growing number of users. Our users range from active ones who ask, answer, comment and vote on questions to passive observers who quietly consume knowledge on the MathsGee STEM Community.

All beneficiaries of our free STEM support network are welcome and appreciated by the MathsGee team.

It is our pleasure to outline some of the benefits of the MathsGee platform to teachers and learners. Below is a high level overview of some features:

Simple, Intuitive Interface

At MathsGee, we have studied and simplified our website to make so your experience is seamless. It should feel natural to you.

Smart Search

Quickly find answers to your questions with our smart search engine with autocomplete.

Email Notifications

You do not have to stay up all night waiting for a response to come. We will email you when the questions you’ve asked or are following receive answers.

Follow Questions

If you find an interesting question or discussion, you can follow it and be notified whenever there are updates.

Vote on Answers

Your classmates and community members can vote on the answers to your question and help you determine the best answer.


We’ll notify you of any important developments via email.


You can upload and share the syllabus, textbook info, links and files with classmates and friends.

Class Stats

Schools can request participation stats from MathsGee for holistic learner support.

Teachers and instructors don’t have to answer the same questions over and over every academic term. All information you and your students provide will be stored on MathsGee for you to access anytime.

Find answers, ask questions (anonymously if you prefer), follow questions and receive email notifications when your questions are answered or approved by instructors.

MathsGee from  LMS

Now you can access the MathsGee STEM Community directly through your LMS.

Why use MathsGee in your LMS?

  1. Get support from learners in other classes and schools in a safe learning environment.
  2. Replace outdated discussion boards in your LMS with MathsGee to efficiently manage your class Q&A.
  3. Use MathsGee as a part of your existing LMS so you don’t have to deal with multiple platforms.
  4. When MathsGee is implemented into your LMS, students and instructors are automatically:
  • Enrolled with appropriate roles according to the class roster.
  • Signed into MathsGee so you don’t have to create a separate username or password.

How do you use MathsGee in your LMS?


  1. Log into your LMS.
  2. Click on the MathsGee link to launch it.

Which LMS platforms work with MathsGee?

  • Blackboard
  • Sakai
  • Canvas
  • Angel
  • Moodle
  • Desire2Learn
  • Jenzabar
and more…


Is MathsGee FERPA compliant?

Yes, MathsGee is FERPA compliant.

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