Our Programmes

MathsGee’s vision and guiding principle are to empower billions of people around the world through free high-quality knowledge and workplace skills training. As part of that vision, we are committed to being a catalyst for social change, and we believe that the power of education can change peoples lives for the better.

Over the years, we have introduced a number of programmes to make the social impact we so strongly believe in. Our programmes have offered unconventional, but highly effective options to traditional challenges.

Through our experience, we have come to the realisation that informal learning is key to success in educating people across the globe. Unlike formal education, it is possible to be nimble and responsive to educational needs of a sector of society at speed.

To also solve the problem of skills mismatch, we are co-creating content with employers and job seekers so that expectations are aligned and there is little to no discord among the actors.

Our MathsGee Online Bank addresses these challenges for all that have some access to the internet. (We are still trying to figure out how we can best serve the offline community).




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