Our Story


About MathsGee

MathsGee (Established 2013) is an Online Content Recycling Company. Our online platform serves as a bank for educational content in the form of courses and blog posts. The content on MathsGee is FREE for everyone, everywhere and anytime.

Our Mission

Is to help students become employable by facilitating the delivery of quality free education for all. We do this by:

  • Providing a FREE online education platform.
  • Co-creating relevant educational content with students, employers and academic faculty.
  • Creating an ecosystem for sustainable education.


We Believe

That all organisations and individuals have some knowledge that can be shared in contribution to ending poverty.

A FREE platform for people to exchange knowledge whilst understanding each other's needs is needed thus we actively look for like-minded partners to help us achieve our mission.

We Use

Sustainable Development Goal 4 (SDG4) as a vision in our endeavour to end poverty. To ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all, we encourage content developers on our platform to embed:
1. Sustainable Lifestyles
2. Cultural Diversity
3. Human Rights
4. Gender Equality
in all their courses, whilst being sensitive to all races, geographies, age groups, genders and levels of education.

We Measure

Our impact on a continuous basis. To understand and describe the impact, we use the standardized Global Impact Investing Network’s IRIS reporting metrics super-imposed onto the SDG4 indicators. The metrics are designed to measure the social, environmental and financial performance of our organization.

We use SCORM, xAPI and various technology integration to track learning and provide insights to course sponsors as to how their content is being consumed and by whom.

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