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So how does MathsGee Q&A work?

Helping you get unstuck whilst studying.

1. Search for Answers

We have questions and answers for all grades. When stuck whilst studying, simply search

2. Ask Your Questions

Ask your question and we will help you. You can even ask without logging in.

3. Connect with Expert

Connect with our experts as they help you answer your questions.

MathsGee Features

LTI-Compliant integrations with major learning management systems

The MathsGee Question & Answer Knowledge Bank is a Just-In-Time support platform, accessible on and via major digital learning platforms like Moodle, Blackboard, Canvas, Sakai, Open EDx, itsLearning, D2L among others. The platform is LTI-Compliant for interoperability.

Anonymous Q&A

The MathsGee Q&A allows for anonymous posting of questions to preserve the integrity and confidence of logged in and logged out learners.

Grade-Specific Q&A

The MathsGee Q&A content is arranged according to grades and tags for easier search.

Partners Who Trust Us

We have a worked with many great organizations in delivery education value to learners around the world.

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