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Please help me solve this  quadratic equation

$$x^2 + 2x+1=0 $$


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I am going to use the factoring method to solve this quadratic equation.


The equation is already in the form $ax^2+bx+c=0$, so $a=1, b=2 , c=1$

1. List all factor pairs of $a*c$

  • $1 \times 1$
  • $-1\times -1$

2. Identify factors that add up to $b$

  • Since $b=2$ then $1\times 1$ is the combination that adds up to $2$

3. Rewrite  in factored form: \[(x+1)(x+1) =0\]

4. Since we know that if two number multiply each other and the product is $0$ then one of the two or both are zero (zero-product principle),  then

\[x+1=0 \rightarrow x = -1\]


\[x+1=0 \rightarrow x = -1\]


therefore $x= -1 $ twice.


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