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A "spoof," or a fake email that appears real, is part of what investment scam?
A. Pump and dump
B. A pyramid scheme
C. Affinity fraud
D. Phishing
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D Phishing.

A "spoof," or a fake email that appears real, is part of the investment scam called phishing. Phishing is an online identity-theft scam that fools its victims into believing they are submitting sensitive, personal information (such as credit card numbers or bank passwords) to a legitimate website. A pyramid scheme is an investment scam based on a hierarchy in which the scammers lure in investors, who must then recruit new investors, and so on. Each level gives some of its returns to the level above it. Affinity fraud is when someone fraudulently claims to be a member of the same ethnic, religious, career, or community group in order to gain a potential investor's trust. Pump and dump is an investment scam that involves hyping up small, unheard-of stocks. Usually over the Internet, the scammers con unsuspecting investors into buying the stock so its price will go up. Then, the scammers sell out at the high price, leaving the other investors to deal with the inevitable price plummet
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