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Which of the following is the most desirable outcome for a job seeker who sends a letter of application to a business:
A.  A telephone call from the business
B.  A letter from the business
C.  A job interview for the applicant
D.  A request for a résumé from the applicant
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C. A job interview for the applicant A job interview for the applicant. A letter of application is often called a cover letter because it is usually sent along with a résumé. The intent of the job applicant is to obtain a job interview by introducing him/herself in the letter and presenting background information in the résumé. A job seeker who receives a letter in response to a letter of application is not likely to be receiving good news since most businesses use letters to reject applicants. The business may respond by telephoning the applicant or asking for a résumé if none has been sent, but setting up an interview is the most desirable outcome for the applicant
by Gold Status (10.9k points)

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