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Brad earns $8.70 per hour as a delivery truck driver. If he works more than 40 hours during the regular Monday through Friday work week, he earns time and one-half for those extra hours.He earns double time when he works on holidays. Last week, Brad worked 11 hours on Monday,8 hours on Tuesday, 9.5 hours on Wednesday, 9 hou rain Thursday and Friday, and 5 hours on Saturday, which was a holiday.What were Brad's gross earnings for the last week?
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To calculate Brad's gross earnings last week, add together the number of hours that he worked, excluding holiday hours (11 + 8 + 9.5 + 9 + 9 = 46.5). Next, determine his overtime hours by subtracting
40 from the total number of non-holiday hours he worked (46.5 - 40 = 6.5). Calculate Brad's pay for the first 40 hours of his workweek by multiplying his regular pay by 40 hours (8.70 X 4 0 = 348.00). Then,
calculate his overtime hourly wage by multiplying his regular hourly pay by time and one-half (8.70 X 1.5 = 13.05). Multiply his overtime hourly wage by the number of overtime hours worked (13.05 X 6.5 =
84.83). Next, calculate his holiday pay per hour by doubling his regular hourly pay (8.70 X 2 = 17.40). Multiply his holiday pay per hour by the number of holiday hours worked (17.40 X 5 = 87.00). Finally,
add together his regular pay, his overtime pay, and his holiday pay to find his total gross earnings for the week (348.00 + 84.83 + 87.00 = 519.83).
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