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The sports organiser of Mano Secondary School conducted a survey on the weight and height versus the age of girls at the school. He calculated the Body Mass Index (BMI) of a sample of girls from the population at the school. There were 365 girls at the schools.

1 Determine the range of the ages of the girls in the sample.

2. Use the formula: BMI =  weight(kg)/height(m^2) to calculate:
(a) P 
(b) Q
(c) R

 Use Table 1 above and the BMI age growth chart below to answer the questions below.

3 Determine Tsakane’s weight status. 
4 Determine the number of 16-year-old girl(s) whose weight status lies between the 5th and 85th percentile. 
5 What is the weight status of girl(s) in 2.2.2 above? 
6 Amanda is worried about her weight status. She wants her status to be normal.
(a) What is Amanda’s current weight status? 
(b) Calculate the minimum number of kilograms Amanda must lose to reach a normal weight status.

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1 Answer

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1.    range = 19 – 14 = 5

2.    (a) BMI = (72 / 1.7^2)

P = 24,9

    (b) BMI = (65 / 1,5^2)

Q = 28,9

(c) BMI = weight (kg) / height^2

27 = (69/2)

2 = 69/27 = 2,55555555

R = 1,60

3.    Overweight

4.    1

5.    Normal

6(a)    overweight

(b)    For normal weight, BMI = 26

BMI = weight (kg) / height^2

Weight = BMI x height^2 = 26 x 1.63^2 = 69.1 kg

Minimum weight loss = 71 - 69.1 = 1.9 kg
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