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What are the APRM objectives, standards and codes, questions and indicators?
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To measure performance and progress, key objectives, standards, criteria and indicators have been identified in the four key areas of review: Democracy and Political Governance, Economic Governance and Management, Corporate Governance, and Socio-Economic Development. The objectives define the essential elements of the overall goal that must be achieved in a measurable way. The standards and codes are those approved by African countries, individually or collectively, with regard to ‘how’ they govern themselves and manage their societies, economies and socio-economic development. The standards and codes are meant to give guidance and reference. Countries will not be marked against whether they adhere to these or not, instead the purpose is to ascertain their familiarity with these standards and codes, and the extent of their application. The questions serve to focus on what the country has done with regard to the objectives and the codes, how it does it and with what results. The indicators are the type of evidence that is expected in the responses of countries. They serve to highlight aspects of the objective, standard or code that are generally recognised as measures of performance
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The following UN definitions should be adopted when completing the table of standards and codes:

• Accede is an act by which a State signifies its agreement to be legally bound by the terms of a particular treaty or convention. It has the same legal effect as ratification (see below), but is not preceded by an act of signature.

• Adoption is the formal act by which the form and content of a proposed treaty or convention text are established, usually by way of a resolution of a representative organ

• Enacted or Entry into Force. This occurs at a specified date and time following ratification of the treaty or convention and is usually set out in the national legislative requirements relating to that treaty or convention

• Ratification is an act by which a State signifies an agreement to be legally bound by the terms of a particular treaty or convention. It usually does this through following national constitutional procedures e.g. Parliament, Head of State or a combination and making a formal decision to be a party to the treaty or convention

• Signature of a treaty or convention is an act by which a State provides a preliminary endorsement of the treaty or convention. It does not create a legally binding obligation but does demonstrate the State‟s intent to examine the treaty or convention domestically and consider ratifying it.
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