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Why should African countries participate in APRM reviews?

in Agenda 2063 by Diamond (50,975 points) | 35 views

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The potential benefits of the APRM will vary depending on the level of commitment of the participating country and the effectiveness with which the process is managed, including the degree of co-ordination with existing activities at the country level. By discussing policy challenges and options openly and thoroughly, the process can help build trust in the political system and identify and solve national problems that might otherwise be neglected. It gives Africa an opportunity to get its own houses in order and devise programmes of action to address deficiencies without Western conditionality. It also shows a commitment to improving governance and socio-economic development exists in specific countries and, more broadly, in the continent. A sincere review may also bring increased aid to support and implement envisioned Programmes of Action. Information sharing between countries will also increase trust and create opportunities for intra-country trade and investment, physical infrastructure, production systems and structures will also foster common African positions for negotiating with other regions.
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