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How is APRM organised at a national level?
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There is no absolute blueprint for implementing APRM at national level, and the first few countries undertaking the process have developed a variety of models. The APRM Guidelines stipulate that each participating country must have an APR Focal Point in government, to act as a liaison between the continental secretariat and the national APR structures. This focal point is usually a minister or senior civil servant. Participating countries and civil society have asked for more precise rules on the role of the focal point, the extent and type of public involvement required and how the process should be governed. The Eminent Persons have advised countries to form an inclusive panel or council that should contain a majority of civil society representatives and ideally be led by someone outside of government. This
council is responsible for producing a Country Self-Assessment Report (CSAR) and Programme of Action (POA) based on wide public consultation. It should take decisions on national and sub-national consultations on the self-assessment questionnaire, research for the report, advertising and publicity, and facilitating both country support and country review visits from the APRM Secretariat. Various countries have named the body a governing council or national commission. Mauritius assigned responsibility for the CSAR to an existing institution called the National Economic and Social Council to drive peer review at the country level and refers to the whole body as the APR Focal Point. Most countries have also established a small local APRM Secretariat to assist with administrative tasks.
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