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The temperature is $-3^{\circ}$C and it increased by $17^{\circ}$C. WHat is the new temperature?
in Grade 8 Maths by Diamond (47.4k points) | 37 views

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If the temperature is $−3^{\circ}C$ and it increased by $17^{\circ}C$ . What is the new temperature?

The starting point is $-3^{\circ}C$ and we move $17$ steps  to right, where do we end up?

We move $3$ steps to get to $0$ meaning we are left with $14$ steps to the right of $0$, so we will stop at $14$.

Therefore our new temperature is $14^{\circ}C$



by Diamond (47.4k points)
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-3+17= 14 degrees celcius
by Diamond (37.3k points)
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-3 degrees + 17 degrees = 14 degrees celsius
by Wooden (3.9k points)

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