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What are the Guidelines for Countries to Prepare for and to Participate in the APRM?
in Social Studies by Diamond (81,060 points)
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According to the Guidelines to prepare for and to participate in the APRM, following accession to the APRM, countries are required to designate a Focal Point; to establish a National Governing Council comprised of all key stakeholders; and to allocate a budget for the APRM process. Only once this has been done will the country review process for the country be launched.

At this time the Country Self Assessment Questionnaire is sent to the country. As technical soundness is a key underpinning principle of the APRM, the NGC should appoint national research institutions to assist with the execution of the questionnaire. It is preferred that at least one institution be appointed for each thematic area. National institutions are recommended so as to build capacity and promote national ownership.
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