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What are the Principles of sustainable human development?
in History by Diamond (53,765 points) | 23 views

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There are 5 key terms, all of which have an impact on the life of poor and vulnerable people:

- Accountability: extension of the capacities and options offered to men and women increases their ability to make choices without suffering hunger, shortages and deprivations, while improving their possibility to participate in decision-making on issues that have an impact on their life or approve the decisions taken.

-Cooperation: since the sense of belonging is important for personal well-being, welfare and sense of responsibility and action, broad-based and sustainable socio-economic development is interested in the means that allow population groups to work together in a concerted manner.

-Equity: the extension of abilities and opportunities is not limited to incomes, it is an issue of equity, for example, and educational system to which everybody should have access.

-Sustainability: it is advisable to cover the needs of the present generation without compromising the right of future generations to be sheltered from poverty and destitution and to take advantage of their basic abilities.

-Security: security of livelihoods, in particular. Individuals should be sheltered from threats, such as diseases or repressions as well as abrupt disruptions of their life, which are harmful. UNDP focuses on four critical aspects of broad-based and sustainable socio-economic development: elimination of poverty, creation of jobs and livelihoods, protection and regeneration of the environment and promotion of women. The strengthening of capacities for purposes of good governance supports all these objectives.

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