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How does APRM validate results from a country self-assessment research?
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Validation is the process of ensuring that most stakeholders broadly agree as to the outcome of the self assessment and that the key governance issues identified are those that are of general and common concern. This is achieved through a careful selection of a set of indicators that can adequately provide, collectively, a satisfactory measure of the concept.

The validation of the instrument prepared by the consultants has to be carried out at national level in order to find out if the instruments' options were properly worded and exhaustive, if concepts and questions had sufficient clarity, and if the instructions were adequate. In addition, the Pre-test is expected to reveal if there were any problems with the translations to local languages, the presentation and/or administration of the research instruments, and to test how long it would take to provide responses to all items in the instruments (The APRM Research Protocol Provides more information on Validation).
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