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What is the Declaration on Fundamental Principles Concerning the Contribution to the Mass Media to Strengthening Peace and International Understanding, to the Promotion of Human Rights and to Countering Racism, Apartheid and Incitement to War (1978)?
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It is the declaration on rights and responsibilities of the mass media in strengthening peace and international understanding, promoting human rights, and countering racism, apartheid, and incitement to war. The declaration mentions the way the mass media can counter violations of human rights by disseminating information on the aims, aspirations, cultures, and needs of all peoples; the role of the media in educating young people in a spirit of mutual respect and understanding; the need to correct the inequalities in the flow of information to, from, and between developing countries; the need for bilateral and multilateral exchanges of information among all nations; and the obligations of nations to guarantee the existence of favorable conditions for the operation of the mass media.
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