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Why are constitutional democracy and the rule of law treated as two separate but related sub-issues?
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Constitutional democracy refers to constitutionally established provisions and institutions which enable citizens to enjoy their rights of freedom of membership of political associations of their choosing and the free participation of these political groups and other associations in open political competition.

On the other hand, the rule of law and the supremacy of the Constitution ensure that all individuals are subject to and treated equally according to the law, and that no one is exposed to arbitrary treatment by the state. The rule of law also means that all authorities, including armed forces and security forces must obey the law. Furthermore, the legislative Acts of government should be enacted in conformity with the Constitution which is both the supreme law at the domestic level and the foundation on which the exercise of all powers within the state is based. This also encompasses the regular organization of free and fair elections as one of the principal means for ensuring popular participation in the constitution of the government and the monitoring of its performance.
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