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What qualifies a data point to be an outlier?
by Diamond (53,882 points) | 44 views

5 Answers

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It is for the value to be far greater or far lesser when compared to the given data set.
by Wooden (474 points)
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When in a dataset, a data point differs extremely from the rest, either too high or too low it distorts correlation on that pattern. Outliers therefore occur due to errors and usually reduce correlation.
by (57 points)
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It has to differ significantly from all other values. Such that if the data were displayed on a plot or a diagram, this value would stand out clearly from the rest of the data, which would probably be more centrally distributed...
by Wooden (560 points)
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It is a value in the data set that is not typical of the rest of the set, usually much greater or much smaller than all the values in the data set
by Wooden (227 points)
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1. FIND IQR (Inter-quartile range)

2. 1.5 (IQR) , Multiply inter-quartile range with 1.5

3. Q1 - 1.5 (IQR)

- Q3 + 1.5 (IQR)

4. Anything outside that is considered as an outlier
by Wooden (2,549 points)

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