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What are the objectives of the 2019 Innovating Education in Africa Expo with respect to #Agenda2063?

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The Innovating Education in Africa Expo is a flagship event of the African Union Commission intended to showcase practical social and technological innovations aimed at enhancing access, quality, relevance and inclusion in education in order to release the potential for empowerment, employability and inventiveness.


Showcase of practical innovations in the use of ICT In Education which are being implemented in Africa, and have unique potential to be scaled and replicated across the continent to improve education delivery and management for the achievement of the Continental Education Strategy for Africa (CESA 16-25).


The event will also provide and opportunity for researchers to present papers on innovative ideas which have the potential to be implemented in Africa for sustainable impact.


Key to the goal of this event is to create a platform for stakeholders across the spectrum of education development to engage and potentially find areas of collaboration and partnership to advance the common goal of the African Union towards a prosperous Africa.




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