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What determines the electrical conductivity of different materials?
in Science by Diamond (53,762 points) | 45 views

4 Answers

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it can be determined by molecular structure of the material, metal is a good conductor where electrons can move freely. wood is a bad conductor which does not allow electrons to move freely.
by Wooden (1,126 points)
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The easiest way to determine whether a compound can conduct current is to identify it's molecular structure or composition. Compounds with strong conductivity dissociate completely into charged atoms o molecules, or ions, when dissolved in water, the higher the concentration of ions the greater the conductivity. Silver has the highest electrical conductivity.
by Wooden (310 points)
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The movement of electrically  charged particles by the electron characterised by the atom
by Wooden (162 points)
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The atom structure of metal elements can be distinguished by the characteristics of valence electrons in the outer shell that move freely making it possible for metals to conduct electric current as they move through the lettis that form part of the metals physical structure.Thus under an electric field the single valence metals such as gold ,copper and silver conduct electricity effectively than other metals that have multiple valence that pass current which isn't effective because it diminishes as it is passed through multiple electrons.Single valence metals transfer energy effectively because there is not much resistance.
by Wooden (163 points)
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