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  1. A plane flying horizontally at an altitude of 490 meters and having a velocity of 250 m/s East, drops a supply packet to a work crew on the ground.  It falls freely without a parachute.  Assume no wind and no air resistance.
    1. Sketch a path of the supply packet after it leaves the plane
  2. Determine the time required for the packet to hit the ground. (Make lists)
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If you picture this scenario in your mind then the motion of package is that of a projectile. For solving this Question you have to know that the horizontal velocity component of a body undergoing projectile motion is constant.

And vertical component of its velocity changes with an acceleration of 9.8m/s(g).

Now, when the parcel is dropped its initial velocity is zero in vertical direction and its initial velocity is 259 m/s in horizontal direction which will remain as it is.

Since, height from which the parcel is dropped is 980m. And time taken to cover distance with zero initial velocity and 9.8m/s of acceleration is is proportional to distance from which it falls.

Putting above values in equation:

S = ut + 0.5(a)t^2

490 = 0 + 0.5(9.8)(t)^2

490 = 4.9(t)^2

100 =(t)^2



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2. Assume right = + ; left = - ; down = - ; up = +

yf = final height of packag

yi = initial height of package

Vi = initial velocity

a / g = acceleration ( down, so we'll use - sign)

t = time

yf = yi + (Viy)(t) + 1/2gt²

0 = 490 + (0)t + 1/2(-9.8)t²

0 = 490 - 4.9t²

t² = 490 / 4.9

t = √490 / 4.9

t = 10 secs

Additionally (for interest sake):

To get the distance of the package travelled = x:

X = (Vix)(t)            Vix = here the initial velocity of the package is the same as the plane

    = (250)(10)

    = 2500m

To find the angle ϴ:

tanϴ = opposite / adjacent

tanϴ = 490 / 2500

ϴ = tan^-1 (490/2500)

ϴ = 11.09°


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Another diagram. 

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