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How has Amazon evolved as a company since it was established?
in Business by Diamond (78,454 points) | 13 views

1 Answer

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Amazon's evolution as a timeline is as follows:

  • 1994: Founded by Jeff Bezos to sell books online (virtual warehouse)
  • 1995: Added 20 products to the mix
  • 1997: IPO to capitalize growth
  • 1997+: Built scale; market share growth; reputation
  • 2005: Amazon Prime—2-day service
  • 2013: Meteoric climb through leveraging online retailing ->ancillary services; experiments with drones
  • 2015: Retail foray—Amazon Books retail stores
  • 2016: Service expansion—Amazon Locker
  • 2017: Whole Foods Acquisition
  • 2018: Amazon Go—self serve checkout; Amazon 4Star—stores to sell top selling Amazon items.
by Diamond (78,454 points)

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