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Is accountability at the centre of African Renaissance?

Stanley Dube aka DJ Wildfire believes that accountability is at the centre of African renaissance. He says as long as the leaders protect wrong-doers and do not adhere to the founding values of the African Union then we are going nowhere fast. WHat are your opinions?
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If African Renaissance is understand as the process for the rebirth - renewal of the African continent, there are thus some prerequisites in order to achieve this rebirth. And accountability is one of these prerequisites in this regard. It is a fact that Africa will never experience a fundamental rebirth when her leaders are not responsible in their actions; hence not accountable or answerable to the process that is needed to better the life of all.
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This is because African leaders have many atimes excluded themselves from being answerable to its Citizens.  Elections are meant to be voice of a Citizen but trends across the Continent show leaders continue to manipulate themselves giving themselves undue advantage against their competitors.

However, the APRM plays a very critical and important role since it puts the Citizen at the centre of finding lasting solutions to challenges.  This will greatly enhance accountability and transparency in leadership and government.
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