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Can Africa create 1 Million new jobs for youth by 2021?

Call-to-Action: Launch of the “1 Million by 2021 Initiative” at the Pan African Youth Forum: The Chairperson of the #AfricanUnionCommission (#AUC), H.E. #MoussaFakiMahamat will launch the “1 million by 2021 Initiative”, which targets direct #investments in millions of #Africanyouth on four key elements of #Employment, #Entrepreneurship, #Education and #Engagement, through leveraging #partnerships and private sector opportunities. The #initiative will be launched through a #PanAfrican Youth Forum themed “#Africa Unite for Youth: Bridging the Gap and Reaching African Youth”. Young people make up the bulk of Africa’s total #population with an estimated 75% of the continent’s #population below the age of 35. From a #demographic point of view, this calls for a paradigm shift towards the recognition and support of the youth to harness their potential by building capacity for quality #education and #skills improvement, health and well-being, #goodgovernance, #humanrights and accountability, employment opportunities, #leadership skills, #empowerment and entrepreneurship.

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There needs to be a change in attitude from the old people in power. As long as they don't change their long decision cycles and poor implementation of policies then we will not get anywhere. This is a large number so needs proper execution from office bearers and all the support should be given to them by everyone.
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What specific and actionable plans are needed to achieve this?

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