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The nth term of a sequence is given by $T_{n} = - 2(n - 5)^{2} + 18 $.

 Write down the first 3 terms of the sequence

Which term of the sequence will have the greatest value?

What is the second difference of this quadratic sequence?Determine all values of n for which the terms of the sequence will be les than - 110.
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T1= -2(1-5)^2 + 18= -14

T2= ..................= 0

T3=..................= 10

1st difference= -14,10,...

2nd difference= 24,... = 24


-2(n-5)^2 +18 < -110

2n^2 -20n-78>0

n=13 or -3

   use number line to test critical values and have,

-3>n and n>13
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