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Course: Become A Great Entrepreneur

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What this course is about:

Starting a business isn’t for everyone. Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. Starting a small business requires you to invest time, energy and patience.

But more than anything else a Start-up needs passion, commitment and a clear sense of purpose. If you have what it takes and are willing to do the difficult things, then you should start your own business.

The course is a compilation of advice from some of the world’s best entrepreneurs who have started billion-dollar companies. They have shared everything they know about how to start a successful startup.

The course is a mixture of theory of entrepreneurship based on founders perspectives and project work to help you crystallize your idea or startup. It is our aim that by the time you finish this course you will have learnt all there is to know about starting a startup and you will have completed a business model canvas for your business.

Videos of the lectures, quizzes, practical ideation and business model generation, associated reading materials, and assignments are all available here. There are 20 videos, some with a speaker or two and some with a small panel. There are projects, quizzes and other activities for you to do. Imagine binging on 1,000 minutes of video content from the best entrepreneurs, if you watch it all.

Video content courtesy of Y-combinator


The course covers how to:

  1. Come up with ideas and evaluate them.
  2. Get users and grow
  3. Do sales and marketing
  4. Hire
  5. Raise money
  6. Establish a great company culture
  7. Excel at operations and management, business strategy, and more.


Format of the course:

  • There are 20 video lessons from some of the best entrepreneurs covering various aspects of entrepreneurship.
  • Each lesson is followed by a activity to test your understanding of the ideas shared.
  • There are 4 Projects.
  • The last module of the course is a capstone project that requires you to come up with a complete self-rated business model document based on what you have learnt.
  • A Certificate of Completion is awarded upon completion.

Vusi Thembekwayo’s top tips on how to be a successful entrepreneur:

1. Lay the right foundation: Your knowledge of your product or service is the foundation for your business. Understanding your product from the inside-out determines whether your company lasts those critical 999 days.

2. Think like an entrepreneur, not like someone who is self-employed: An entrepreneur creates a system that can be self-sustainable irrespective of whether he or she is there or not, whereas someone who is self-employed is always required to be in the business.

3. Become the producer in your industry: The price of your service is always determined by the prices of your suppliers. If you become the producer and the seller – you have more control over the amount of money that comes in.

4. Have the right approach: To break into any industry, you must approach businesses appropriately – all businesses are run by people and all people are capable of convincing, if you approach them correctly. You need to learn the art of negotiation early on!



This course is based on the Y-Combinator series hosted by Sam Altman at Stanford.

CLICK HERE to access the course - Become A Great Entrepreneur

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