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Which features does the MathsGee QnA have?

  1. Category-Based Forum - YES
  2. Anonymous Q&A for Logged In Users - YES
  3. Anonymous Q&A for Logged Out Users - YES
  4. Markdown and Latex in Questions & Answers - YES
  5. Direct Messaging - YES
  6. AI-Enabled Duplicate Post Prevention - YES
  7. Reputation - YES
  8. Markdown and Latex in Q&A Chat - YES
  9. Reddit-Style Answer Up/Down-Voting - YES
  10. Live Polling - YES
  11. LMS LTI Integration (Moodle; BlackBoard; Canvas; itsLearning; Chamilo; Schoology; Sakai )  - YES
  12. Category-Specific Experts - YES
  13. Embed Video, Images and MP3 files in Q&A - YES
  14. Featured Questions - YES
  15. Facebook-like/Stack-Overflow-Like Notifications  that can replace all email-notifications - YES
  16. User Analytics Dashboard - YES
  17. Syntax Highlighter - YES
  18. Social Sharing - YES
  19. REST API - YES
  20. Slack Integration - YES
  21. Accessible 24/7 - YES
  22. Follow Users and/or Topics
  23. Tags for Targeted Searches - YES
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MathsGee is free of annoying ads. We want to keep it like this. You can help with your DONATION

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