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Mathematics Content Developer

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About MathsGee

MathsGee is a leading global education technology provider, delivering solutions to positively impact learners when studying.

We aim to be the platform of choice for learners to get unstuck and move forward with their studies.

MathsGee Answers is Africa's biggest education forum where learners and experts can exchange value in the form of knowledge.

Our product is being utilized by millions of students, teachers, and parents in 60+ countries we are helping educate the world and bring equality to education.

We’ve also picked up a number of awards including The Innovation Hub Awards (South Africa), African Union's Education awards to name a few.

The Role

MathsGee is on a mission to provide tools for Just-In-Time support for learners to improve their chance of success.

We are looking for an intellectually curious, full-time instructional designer who is passionate about mathematics.

Responsibilities include:

• Ask and answering mathematics question on MathsGee Answers
• Curation and User journeys on MathsGee Answers
• Creating courseware and tools relevant to mathematics education online



• B.A. (or equivalent) in mathematics or one of the other exact sciences
• Experience in writing educational materials especially Latex and/or Markdown
• Teaching experience preferred


• Excellent written and spoken English, a must
• Experience with learning management systems
• Efficient independent worker
• Effective collaborator

To submit your application, simply
The challenge is as follows:
1. Visit MathsGee Answers
2. Register on the platform.
3. Go to Ask a Question and ask any 3 mathematics questions using Latex and/or Markdown.
4. Answer any 3 mathematics questions by any other user. (Split your answer into two segments (a) The Final Answer (b) The Explanation/Working e.g. the answer for Solve for x
5. Go to MathsGee and send a message to user MathsGee and motivate why you should get hired for this position.

NB: Once these steps have been completed, we will get in touch with you with our feedback.
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