Rockmelon servicing autistic education

Rockmelon is reimagining the products and services available for children with autism and their families around the world. Rockmelon aims to bring much needed change to a community that has been neglected for decades. We’re building a comprehensive platform offering parents real-time insights into their child’s progress.

Rockmelon isn’t just a learning platform. It is a global community of parents all working towards the same goal: access to quality early intervention that will allow our children to reach their best outcomes.

The disability industry has long under-utilised advances in technology. Rockmelon’s founders are determined to change that because:

1. Technology advances have had little impact on early intervention services.

2. Access to effective early intervention resources is severely limited.

3. Parents have limited access to quality programs, content and support.

4. Current programs are not individualised and don’t offer real-time feedback on a child’s progress.

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