Now that weed (marijuana) has been decriminalised for recreational use, what does this mean for our schools? Will we see an effect on overall performance? Will the discipline be influenced by the increased opportunity to access weed?

With the surge in media reports on school violence it is necessary that we forecast the influence weed will have in our schooling communities. The announcement by the South African constituional court to legalize marijuana coincided with the death of teacher who was killed by an angry learner after a food brawl. Since this tragic event a number of incidents were learners were abusing teachers have surfaced and gone viral on social media. One has to ask whether this trend will grow exponentially as a result of weed intake.

Timothy Chauke, a teacher in Gauteng is very concerned with the impending discipline problems as a result of increased intake of weed. “I think majuana is not the problem, it is just a lant but I fear what things are going to be committed in its name by learners”, said Chauke.

SO what do you think schools should do to ensure there is discipline in these institutions? If you were the education minister how would you react to this constitutional court ruling on weed?

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