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Seamless Support Key to Remote Learning Success

It can never be emphasized enough that learners need all the support they can get during this COVID-19 pandemic. Many schools across the globe have been shut down or learners are simply attending class remotely, leveraging video conferencing technologies and learning management systems.

The problem that many bottom-of-the-pyramid learners face is the unavailability of technology gadgets and access to fast broadband. This further marginalizes them compared to their privileged peers.

The access and quality of education problems are multi-faceted and complex that it is paramount that we be skeptical of any organizations that claim to have end-to-end solutions for education.

In as much as the holy grail of remote education has not been found it is important that we take advantage of the various solutions available and use our creativity to mashup these resources for optimal learning at a trying time like this.

Multi-disciplinary intervention teams have to be setup to cover all the education bases. As an example, South African telecoms companies have come to fore and zero-rated curriculum-aligned online resources so that data is not a deterrent to learning. This is commendable as it enhances inclusion.

The onus is now on the schools and their respective teachers to curate learning paths for their learners so as to ensure maximum support.

At MathsGee, we strongly believe that it is a human right for every child to be supported whilst studying at home during this pandemic, thus, we have open-sourced all our content and endeavor to offer holistic and meaningful value in the STEM learning space.

MathsGee has structured itself as an education information and insights portal with a strong inclination towards STEM support through courses, examination preparation and discussion forums.

These interventions by MathsGee are supposed to help the learner at the point of need. An example of of holistic STEM support forum is the crowd-sourced MathsGee STEM Q&A Bank, that has questions and answers from primary school all the way to professional subjects like Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence.

Below is a summary of the contents of the MathsGee STEM Q&A  Knowledge Bank.


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