When Minds Meet: A Conversation with Mutumwa Mawere


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When Minds Meet is a collection of articles that were written by Mutumwa Mawere for the Newsday, a Zimbabwe daily newspaper, and were published in various online publications on issues that need to form part of the conversations among Africans on what matters if the continent has to deliver on the promise of a better life to the majority. The articles focus on a variety of subjects that speak to the concept of identity and citizenship against a background where the majority of Africans feel excluded from the economic mainstream notwithstanding the promise of independence.

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2 reviews for When Minds Meet: A Conversation with Mutumwa Mawere

  1. A good read if you want to understand how the world works.

    Edzai Conilias Zvobwo

  2. Great book, a must read

    Tom Duncan

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