C2-M1 Discovery of Medicines & Planning of Medicines Development


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Product Description

Learning outcomes module 1:

1A:  Explain the importance and describe the possible role of patients/patient organizations in medicines development

1B:  Describe the process of drug discovery and development and identify the critical factors and decision points, including patenting, and drug development in special populations

1C:  Describe the background to the development of regulation of medicines and the roles of the various stakeholders

1D:  Discuss the role of biomarkers in drug development

1E:  Discuss the potential application of the concept of personalized/stratified medicine in the medicine development process

1F:  Discuss the role of translational research in drug development

1G:  Outline the concepts of evidence based medicine and outcomes research

1H:  Describe predisposing factors and underlying mechanisms of disease and the different types of medicines and their mode of action


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