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Course – Lead Your Organization to Data Science Maturity

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Transcend the Data Science hype-cycle and drive your organization’s Data Science maturity to a level that optimizes business outcomes. Gain a complete view of how Data Science mature your organization is and how you can improve on it. Build and support a data-driven culture in your organization for maximum ROI in the information age.

In this course, you will learn how to determine your organization’s current data science maturity level, ways for overcoming common hurdles, and elements used in successful data science adoption strategies. Transform your organization from simple reporting to data optimization. Using this information, you can lead your organization in creating a successful roadmap.

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Enrollment Information

The enrollment for the How to Become a Data Science Mature Organization class is on a rolling basis and you can start the journey at your own pace at any time in the year and we will be available to assist you achieve success.

What the Course Covers

The How to Become a Data Science Mature Organization course will enable participants to:
Benchmark your data science maturity.
Gain a strategic data science roadmap.
Measure and accelerate your data science progress.
Explain the core concepts, philosophies and methods of data science strategy.
Evaluate different case studies for the successful application of data science.
Develop a framework for data science project management within an organization.
Develop and manage high performance data science teams and systems.


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