Work Smarter, Not Harder: Become A Great Entrepreneur in 6 Weeks


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An entrepreneurship program that is practical and exposes you to the principles that have led to great success.The course includes talks by billionaire startup founders and helps you think about your business end to end. No matter where you are in entrepreneurial journey, this course is for you. Learn from the best and then do the rest!

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About the Course

Starting a business isn’t for everyone. Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. Starting a small business requires you to invest time, energy and patience.

But more than anything else a Start-up needs passion, commitment and a clear sense of purpose. If you have what it takes and are willing to do the difficult things, then you should start your own business.

The course is a compilation of advice from some of the world’s best entrepreneurs who have started billion-dollar companies. They have shared everything they know about how to start a successful startup.

What it Covers

Come up with ideas and evaluate them, Get users and grow, Do sales and marketing, Hire, Raise money, Establish a great company culture, Excel at operations and management, business strategy, and more.


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