TEDSF – Omeiza Steve Saint John – African Youth Have Power to Ov


Omeiza Steve Saint John, Founder of Dexterity Radio and Darlington Steve Foundation and has been in the entertainment Industry for the past 15 years in Nigeria and South Africa, An Oracle in Radio, Film and Television Content Production, A Talk Show Host, An Innovator of Ideas, Creating Proving Structure in the Media Industry, Driving Sales through Innovative Measure, A Collector of Thought and Mastering of Idea. 

Emotions Developer and Producer, Gearing your Mind into Productive and Innovative thinking that will revolutionize your World. There are opportunities close to you than you think, let’s talk business.He is very people centric, although he can be at times deep he has a disciplined character, humble but very assertive and strong headed; To others he could sound opinionated but he is very energetic, a goal getter, likes exploring, loves challenges and in his words, nothing is impossible.