Wall for AstraNova

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Bronze (18)

100 Club 1x
Verified Human 1x
Voter 1x
Notable Question 5006x
Gifted 1x
Grateful 1x
Asker 1x
Reader 1x
Editor 1x
Answerer 1x
Nice Answer 61x
Medalist 1x
Watchdog 1x
Regular 1x
Liked 1x
Visitor 1x
Nice Question 55x
Dedicated 1x

Silver (13)

Avid Voter 1x
Popular Question 4990x
Questioner 1x
Avid Reader 1x
Respectful 1x
1,000 Club 1x
Lecturer 1x
Loved 1x
Copy Editor 1x
Champion 1x
Wise 1x
Old-Timer 1x
Trouper 1x

Gold (12)

Inquisitor 1x
Devoted Reader 1x
Reverential 1x
Devoted Voter 1x
Famous Question 1827x
Preacher 1x
Enlightened 1x
Senior Editor 1x
Olympian 1x
10,000 Club 1x
Veteran 1x
Ancestor 1x
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