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Women Leader Profiles – Support Girls in STEM


We at MathsGee and The Education Support Forum (TEDSF) are proud to be nurturing future quantitative leaders especially girls. We identify talented youths from disadvantaged backgrounds across Africa, offer them a world-class one week leadership training and thereafter support our alumni in taking up projects in their communities and/or further their studies.

I, Edzai Conilias Zvobwo, Chief Genius, have written two motivational, innovative and practical books to unleash the mathematical and scientific genius in youths, namely The Mathematical Genius in You and GirlChild Rise Up in STEM which have been highly acclaimed and distributed by SABC Education among other adopters.

* Women Leaders – Submit your profile in the form below.


What are we doing?

To break the proverbial glass-ceiling we have launched the GirlChild Rise Up in Leadership Campaign which includes the following:

  1. Publishing of a book with profiles of prominent women leaders in different sectors of the economy entitled GirlChild Rise Up in Leadership. The book will be distributed via Department of Education Provincial and District offices.
  2. There is a road show earmarked for each Province in 2019 where the book will also be available for distribution.
  3. Our Partners are scouting for girls across South Africa with leadership potential to attend the MathsGenius Leadership Institute  one week academy which is the sustainable hub for nurturing identified talent.
  4. We are looking for women mentors and role models who can inspire and guide the budding leaders on the path to success.
  5. Speakers and leadership trainers who can be invited to share their expertise at some of our events.


How can you assist as a Woman Leader?

You can become a part of this capacity-building initiative for girls by assisting with one or more of the following:

  1. Submit your profile in the form below.
  2. Give expert advice on impact and focus areas as we are continually looking to improve our delivery of solutions to the challenges girls encounter in society.
  3. Advertise in the booklet and show what your company/organisation has done in terms of girl child empowerment.
  4. Sponsor one or more road shows.
  5. Scout for talented girls who can attend the leadership academy.
  6. Sponsor a girl to attend the one week leadership training at MathsGee.
  7. Become a mentor for a girl of your choice. (Profiles for the girls will be available).


Why Girls Leadership training?

MathsGee has been conducting training in mathematical thinking, problem-solving and leadership since 2007 has come to the conclusion that the education system is now enrolling a large number of girls in the primary school band but there is a high churn rate leading to corporate and organisational leadership. The Gender Parity Index decreases exponentially after high school in terms of access to employment and leadership roles in all sectors of the economy.

According to The World Economic Forum arm running the Women Leaders and Gender Parity Programme There is strong evidence to show that, at the macro level, countries that invest in girls and integrate women into the workforce tend to be more competitive. Many governments are, therefore, considering or are already implementing affirmative policies, including quotas. There is also mounting research and anecdotal evidence that closing the gender gap is good for companies. Companies that successfully engage women may reap a rich diversity dividend. With talent shortages projected to become more severe in much of the developed and developing world, it is imperative for business to have access to female talent.

The loop holes in the leadership bucket have to closed by empowering girls through leadership training. This is where MGLI comes in; we not only focus on general leadership but have a huge bias towards quantitative leadership as the backbone for problem-solving and decision-making in the real work environment.




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