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What is Zimbabwe's market overview and trade data for the Biotechnology Research and Development Laboratories/Services Agriculture sectors?

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In spite of its potential to improve both health and food security, there is still uncertainty and a lack of clear policies regarding biotechnology issues in most parts of Africa in general, and in Zimbabwe in particular. In recent years, however, the National Biotechnology Authority of Zimbabwe (NBAZ) is educating stakeholders about the potential benefits of adopting biotechnology in agriculture.

Leading Sub-Sectors

According to the NBAZ, Zimbabwe has the capacity to do both quantitative and qualitative analysis of GMO maize testing. The NBAZ has recommended that the government reduce regulatory barriers and red tape for biotech products and emerging technologies, improve coordination across government departments and support the uptake of agricultural biotechnologies to improve yields for smallholder farmers.


There are opportunities in the provision of biotechnology research and development to sensitize politicians on the benefits of biotechnology in agriculture and help enhance the country’s food security. The sector also needs support and equipment that foreign firms can provide to boost yields for farmers.


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