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In the Doing Business indicator, "Paying Taxes", how did Zimbabwe perform in all the variables considered?
in Investment & Finance by Gold Status (13.1k points) | 3 views

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What the indicators measure

Tax payments for a manufacturing company in 2018 (number per year adjusted for electronic and joint filing and payment)

  • Total number of taxes and contributions paid or withheld, including consumption taxes (value added tax, sales tax or goods and service tax)
  • Method and frequency of filing and payment

Time required to comply with 3 major taxes (hours per year)

  • Collecting information, computing tax payable
  • Preparing separate tax accounting books, if required
  • Completing tax return, filing with agencies
  • Arranging payment or withholding

Total tax and contribution rate (% of commercial profits)

  • Profit or corporate income tax
  • Social contributions, labor taxes paid by employer
  • Property and property transfer taxes
  • Dividend, capital gains, financial transactions taxes
  • Waste collection, vehicle, road and other taxes

Postfiling Index

  • Time to comply with VAT refund (hours)
  • Time to obtain VAT refund (weeks)
  • Time to comply with a corporate income tax correction (hours)
  • Time to complete a corporate income tax correction (weeks)

by Gold Status (13.1k points)

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