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In the Doing Business indicator, "Trading across Borders", how did Zimbabwe perform in all the variables considered?
in Investment & Finance by Gold Status (13.1k points) | 3 views

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What the indicators measure

Documentary compliance

  • Obtaining, preparing and submitting documents during transport, clearance, inspections and port or border handling in origin economy
  • Obtaining, preparing and submitting documents required by destination economy and any transit economies
  • Covers all documents required by law and in practice, including electronic submissions of information

Border compliance

  • Customs clearance and inspections Inspections by other agencies (if applied to more than 20% of shipments)
  • Handling and inspections that take place at the economy’s port or border

Domestic transport

  • Loading or unloading of the shipment at the warehouse or port/border
  • Transport between warehouse and port/border
  • Traffic delays and road police checks while shipment is en route

by Gold Status (13.1k points)

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